Substance LIVE - Subscription Done Right

Allegorithmic announced their approach to subscriptions called Substance LIVE. Refreshingly they do things slightly different than the “big players”.

  • First, and this is huge, your subscription payments work towards a perpetual license. Once you reach the software price it will be yours to keep.
  • Second, you can pause your subscription without losing your credit towards a perpetual license.
    In today’s volatile business that’s a blessing.
  • Third, the subscription will get you a monthly Substance drop. That is value beyond the mere software license and should keep you paying for subscription. That and future software updates, technology previews and eventually new tools.

Allegorithmic succeeds in a critical area that Adobe, Autodesk etc. are still denying: an exit strategy. There is a point when you can exit without punishment. You keep the software and you keep access to your own work in the vendors proprietory format. You can also pause your subscription without punishment.

Try finding out what a subscription for less than a year or ending your subscription with Adobe actually means. What’s the scenario for software that gets EOL (end of life)? There are still too many unanswered questions with the subscription model of Adobe - years after its introduction.