3. Mar 2015

Substance LIVE - Subscription Done Right

Allegorithmic announced their approach to subscriptions called Substance LIVE. Refreshingly they do things slightly different than the “big players”. First, and this is huge, your subscription payments work towards a perpetual license. Once you reach the software price it will be yours to keep. Second, you can pause your subscription without losing your credit towards a perpetual license. In today’s volatile business that’s a blessing. Third, the subscription will get you a monthly Substance drop.

5. Nov 2013

'Wait and CC' on ProVideoColation

Mark Christiansen – Author of After Effects Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques – asked for opinions about Adobe’s move to Creative Cloud and got some answers back from Steve Forde – Adobe Product Mananger of After Effects. I am happy that I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on the matter. Some of them are cited in the article but my hesitation to join runs more deeply than what surfaces in the article.